New release | NIHILS


After their debut album 'Perspectives‘ NIHILS have returned, releasing their first single from upcoming EP ‘AM/PM’, 'Lost in L.A'.


A Berlin inspired soundtrack celebrating its polarity & beautifully twisted sense of existence packed with catchy hook lines, analogue synths and gritty beats. On June 19th NIHILS returned with first single ‘Lost in L.A. Riding shotgun through a desolate Los Angeles, looking for purpose and a sense of belonging in an era of instant gratification and never lasting joy.

From underground dance anthems to national chart success: Berlin based NIHILS share their unique sense of perspective. So far on their journey, the trio have clocked over 50 million Spotify plays and three million YouTube streams.

They’ve reached crowds at iconic events such as SXSW and supported cult bands such as 30 Seconds To Mars and played more than 100 live-shows.

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