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New release | Sophie Hutchings


Scattered On The Wind is the spellbinding new album from Australiam musician Sophie Hutchings out now on Mercury KX/Decca and Gaga Music Publishing.


A blend of revamped archival compositions, stored away on a cherished hard drive, and newer, original pieces written expressly for this record, it was recorded at Sydney’s Trackdown Studios. Tim Whitten was on hand to engineer, while long-time collaborators Peter Hollo and Jay Kong guested, adding cello and violin accents respectively. New players Bree Baxter and Vera Marcu added violins to ‘Your Heart’, ‘Scattered on the Wind’ and the album’s first single, ‘Two Flames’, while soprano singers Sandra Liu and Josephine Stark joined Hutchings in adding subtle, choral-inspired vocal accents throughout. Lee Hutchings also guests on the album, playing flute and alto flute.

A decade on from her debut, with a growing, global fan base, Hutchings is no longer the introverted pianist of her teenhood. “I pour so much emotional energy into my music; I think that’s why I was so desperately shy about performing it when I was a teen. But I have confidence in my vision now – partly through experience, and partly through the relationship I have with my audience. They’ve taught me to trust and believe in what I’m doing.”

We are also very excited to welcome Sophie Hutchings to our World publishing family.

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