Sophie Hutchings


Composer Sophie Hutchings has recently collaborated with Turkish director Mu Tunç on this stunning short film soundtracked by two of her compositions from 2020 album Scattered On The Wind.


Sophie Hutchings' music is often described as “ruminative and contemplative”, and her compositions are based on a piano base that is almost always melancholy and of an easily perceived beauty. Tunç cites filmmaker and cinema theorist Maya Deren - a key author in the fusion of fashion and cinema - as a reference for the conception of the Scattered on the Wind film.

As the story goes, as told by Sophie:

...Last year whilst we were prepping for Scattered On The Wind’s release, Film Director Mu Tunc Diary of Mu was also devising a stunning visual creation in the background to coincide with it. Just before shooting however, the pin was pulled as a Global Pandemic was declared and this beautiful visual narrative was suspended. Hearts a little forlorn yet still resolute we waited and reconvened a little later down the track to resume and Mu Tunc’s production shot along the beautiful southern coast line of Turkey."

"I love Mu’s ethereal and magical imagery. It’s beautiful to see his visual interpretation vividly come to life. Mu used the symbolic semi autobiographical characterisation of the piece and expanded on a figment of one's imagination where several stunning women are actually a reflection of her inner self.. An exploration of solitary ease in rugged open terrains without having any sense of vulnerability… One's wilderness is one's freedom.. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did..."

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