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New release | Baauer


Harrison Rodrigues, the Portuguese New Yorker producer known as Baauer, releases his sophomore LP Planet’s Mad via LuckyMe.


Watch PLANET'S MAD the movie

Whereas in the past Baauer has focused on collaboration with some of the biggest names across genres (Missy Elliot, Pusha T, Skepta, Novelist, AJ Tracey, Lil Miquela) it’s with Planet’s Mad that he comes back to pure self-expression.

An album rooted in the crossover dance acts he grew up listening to a la Chemical Brothers, Basement Jaxx and Daft Punk, cut with modern hip hop and pop, this album encompasses the digital culture we live within and is an album that is one hundred percent Baauer. The eponymous lead track 'Planet's Mad' sets the scene as it bursts into a frenzy of thunderous bass and clattering drums; so too in the the propulsive samba rhythms and euphoric hooks of 'Pizzawalla' and 'Yehoo'; on 'Aether' a childrens choir glides over exploding breakbeats into a moshpit erupting drop; while 'Reachupdontstop' uses a classic house hook for its foundation, passing through chopped breakbeats, bouncing jersey-club and floating trance before dropping back to rolling electro.

The album was conceived within a movie-like plot of a new world appearing above Earth, a vision executed in a companion long form film with Tim & Eric creator Eric Wareheim showing up as a televised cult leader. Planet’s Mad takes us through countless micro-genres where we’re exposed to the sound of alien creatures, children, news forecasts, burps and cosmic atmospherics - all whipped up into this uniquely maximalist dance record.

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