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Nosaj Thing


Los Angeles producer and artist Jason W. Chung (aka Nosaj Thing) returns with his fifth album Continua - featuring a stellar ensemble cast including HYUKOH, Toro y Moi, Kazu Makino (Blonde Redhead), serpentwithfeet, Sam Gendel, Coby Sey, Julianna Barwick, Mike Andrews, Slauson Malone, Pink Siifu, Panda Bear & Eyedress.


Even with so many featured artists, Nosaj Thing’s unique production style, gliding between Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul and the Avant Garde, serves as the heartbeat across this shimmering record. The ethereal opening track, featuring piano by Duval Timothy, sets the tone for some of the quieter, more introspective moments that we hear again on ‘Woodland’ featuring serpentwithfeet and ‘Blue Hour’ featuring Julianna Barwick.

In contrast, tracks like the Toro y Moi collab ‘Condition’ and ‘Look Both Ways’ featuring Pink Siifu feel shadowy but more propulsive, and remind us of the producers profound impact on modern Hip Hop. In the five years since his last full length Parallels, Chung has proceeded through family health-scares and house break-ins, not to mention the global pandemic. Chung invites listeners on a journey through the murky and sublime on Continua, sculpting a record that ultimately encourages us to keep going.

“Nosaj Thing conjures nothing less than rapture” - John Parales, The New York Times

“one of hip-hop’s preeminent modern minimalists, and the results are frequently sublime… assembled with almost architectural grace” - Pitchfork

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