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Hayden Calnin album announce


Australian electro-folk singer, songwriter and producer Hayden Calnin is excited to announce his new LP, What It Means To Be Human, will be released on September 10th, 2021.

The record follows several recent EP’s and his 2016 debut double album, Cut Love Pt. 1 & 2. What It Means To Be Human showcases Calnin’s growth as an artist and finds him confidently embracing orchestral-infused, progressive, cinematic folk pop into his sound. He explains, “I’ve spent the last few months busy, recording my next full-length album, which will be my third, but on many levels it feels like my first. ‘What It Means To Be Human’ is the first record I’ve done that feels like it’s exactly what I want to be making.” Written, recorded and produced completely by Hayden, the record is meant to be a movie score for human existence, pushing the listener to explore their place in the world and who they want to be in it.


Today, he shares the slow burning, introspective single, “The Parts I Hid Away.” Hayden adds, “I wrote it after having just moved out of the city and down to the coast. It’s an exploration of my headspace in a new environment and trying to make sense of why I needed to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s a time stamp of me learning how to slow down, take a breath, get dirty, explore nature and myself. I have always been a quiet, pretty introverted, non-confrontational person. The time away definitely helped pull me out from under that and grow to be more true to who I am. have recently just returned to the city and I’m already feeling that urge to run away from it again. I’m clearly not built for living in an environment of cement. That’s for sure.”

Praise for Hayden Calnin

“adventurous and alluring… at once heartbreaking and redemptive, alternatively slight and momentously powerful” – Consequence Of Sound

“Hayden Calnin specializes in lush, spacious, genre-bending excursions” – Stereogum

"It's always really nice to stumble upon an artist, and then find yourself enjoying their consistently excellent back catalogue, and that's exactly what happened with Hayden Calnin"- EARMILK

There's a hypnotic essence to the songwriter's music, something that truly draws you in…beautifully engrossing” – CLASH

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