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Noga Erez releases VIEWS



“Her music is clattering, confrontational and takes no prisoners."
The Guardian

“Noga Erez makes politically charged dance music - throbbing stuff whose aggressive, cathartic force is only magnified by messages about power and independence.”
NPR Music

“Striking and important”

“Her songs are socially and politically conscious with the view to igniting change.”

Tel-Aviv musician Noga Erez states her claim on 2020, dropping 'VIEWS (feat. Reo Cragun & ROUSSO)', the first track from the long-awaited follow-up to her 2017 debut LP Off The Radar. Known for her politically poignant work, Noga has already built a reputation for pulling no punches when it comes to speaking her mind. 'VIEWS' sees her combining acerbic lyrics, sass and undeniably catchy pop hooks in peak form.


The track features vocals from Erez’s collaborative partner, Ori Rousso, and a verse by LA-based hip-hop artist Reo Cragun. Erez maintains the electrifying “confrontational, take no prisoners” (The Guardian) swagger that put her on the map while quite literally referencing the absurdity of paying for views on social media.

The video clip was directed by Indy Hait, Erez comments: "VIEWS is one of those songs that was inspiring and easy to write a visual piece for. The 'endless staircase' idea came to me after writing four treatments for the video. That's when Indy came in and started to strip away all the bullshit, layer by layer. He stripped the idea down to its core and in his unique style and aesthetic, directed a piece that only has significant & memorable moments in it.”

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